Quality Is Our Legacy

In 1913, L.H. Hamilton and Chester H. Beach started a new company to produce labor-saving, motor-driven electrical devices, built with better designs and better components than the competition.

Wisconsin Electric Company, soon changed to Dumore Corporation, and continued to thrive, refining its motors and bringing together a team dedicated to building quality products and standing behind them. High-quality electric motors led to industrial tools.

Over 100 years later, the tradition continues …
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Dumore Corporation


Dumore Corporation early DC motors, DC gear motors and tools catalog

Quality Is Our Legacy

In 1913, L.H. Hamilton and Chester H. Beach laid the foundation for a new company with the goal of producing labor-saving, motor-driven electrical devices. They envisioned products built with better designs and better components than competition of the day.

The original company was called the Wisconsin Electric Company, but it soon became Dumore Corporation.

Dumore Corporation thrived, refining its motors and bringing together a management / employee team dedicated to building quality products and standing behind them. The high-quality electric motors soon became part of better industrial tools.

Now organized as Dumore Motors, Dumore Tools and Dumore Specialty Products, the tradition of turning creative ideas into high-quality products continues, and our founding principles remain the same and are still what drive Dumore today:

  • Dedicated to the highest quality products and standing behind them
  • Anticipate and respond to customer needs to exceed their expectations
  • Invest in a dedicated and capable team, equipped with the latest technology, committed to seeking innovative solutions
Dumore manufacturing facility for custom DC motors, DC gear motors, drills and grinders

Made In The USA

Dumore motors, tools and custom assemblies are Made In The USA, engineered and manufactured in our 100,000 square foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in Mauston, Wisconsin. The Dumore manufacturing facility was built to provide our customers with complete on-site services including:

  • Full engineering and design capabilities with computer aided design, including 3D solid modeling
  • State-of-the-art model shop and tool room for prototyping
  • Complete testing laboratories for performance, life, agency and temperature testing
  • Just-In-Time (JIT) and Kan Ban delivery programs to meet OEM production requirements
  • Customer service and support

Dumore Motors

Dumore Motors designs and manufactures custom fractional horsepower DC motors, gear motors and custom electromechanical motor assemblies, including permanent magnet DC motors, series wound universal motors, right angle, parallel shaft and planetary permanent magnet DC gear motors.

All of the DC motors and gear motors are designed for complete, cost effective customization to meet your exact requirements, or work with our experienced engineering team on a "clean sheet" electric motor or gear motor design for a truly custom electric motor solution!

In addition to powering their equipment and systems with Dumore Motors custom DC motors and gear motors, OEMs worldwide also partner with Dumore for manufacture of their custom electromechanical motor and gear motor assemblies, sub-assemblies and complete turnkey products, providing cost savings, time savings and additional competitive advantage.

Dumore Tools

Dumore Tools provides some of the highest quality drilling, tapping and grinding tools on the market. Dumore drilling and tapping tools include precision automatic feed drills & tappers for automated production drilling and tapping stations and sensitive bench top drill presses. Dumore grinding tools include precision hand grindersflexible shaft grinders and tool post grinders.


Dumore Specialty Products

Following our tradition of building better designs with better components, Dumore also manufacturers certain specialty products, including our emergency starter solenoids for fire pump diesel engines and serves many OEMs with private label specialty products and custom assemblies – all with the same Dumore Quality, at a competitive price, made in the USA!

Dumore Design

The Dumore legacy of quality begins with a quality design. Since 1913 Dumore has been designing motors and tools for customer specific applications and have learned how to make the process easy and efficient for our customers. First, we listen! We work to fully understand your application, goals, budget parameters and time frame to provide a design and manufacturing program that works right the first time.

Using the latest design and testing equipment our design and engineering team quickly evaluates the application and develops the drawings, costing and prototypes. If testing is required, we work with you through the testing phase and incorporation of any design changes resulting from testing.

Dumore Quality

At Dumore, Quality Is Our Legacy, means quality is our priority! Every product is manufactured with precision and tested to stringent procedures and specifications. Attention to detail and insistence on meeting specifications is how quality parts become high quality finished products.

Dumore Service

When you purchase a Dumore product, you purchase more than a custom motor or tool. Dumore stands behind our every product with industry leading warranties and our full commitment to service. Dumore motors and tools are designed and built for years of service and the Dumore team stands ready to keep those motors and tools in optimum operating condition with replacement parts and repair and refurbishing services. Dumore Quality includes remaining your partner long after the purchase!

Dumore Makes It Easy!

When your project demands the best, you can count on Dumore! Contact Dumore and start a conversation with of our engineers about your needs. At Dumore, we make it easy to get the quality products you demand at a competitive price - Made in the USA!