Quality Is Our Legacy

In 1913, L.H. Hamilton and Chester H. Beach started a new company to produce labor-saving, motor-driven electrical devices, built with better designs and better components than the competition.

Wisconsin Electric Company, soon changed to Dumore Corporation, and continued to thrive, refining its motors and bringing together a team dedicated to building quality products and standing behind them. High-quality electric motors led to industrial tools.

Over 100 years later, the tradition continues …
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Emergency Starter Solenoids or Battery Contactors For Fire Pump Diesel Engines

Emergency Starter Solenoids or Battery Contactors for Fire Pump Diesel Engines | Dumore


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Factory Mutual Approved
Underwriters Laboratories Listed

Dumore is the world's leading manufacturer of emergency starter solenoids or battery contactors for fire pump diesel engines.

Emergency starter solenoids for fire pump diesel engines start the diesel engine powering the fire pump that supplies water to the fire protection systems in a fire situation when the electronic start fails, as required in Factory Mutual (FM) compliant installations.

Dumore emergency starter solenoids are available in 12 and 24 VDC models, rated for 400 amps rolling current and 800 amps breakaway current, and suitable for use as a replacement for Metron Type 1804A fire pump engine starter solenoids.