Quality Is Our Legacy

In 1913, L.H. Hamilton and Chester H. Beach started a new company to produce labor-saving, motor-driven electrical devices, built with better designs and better components than the competition.

Wisconsin Electric Company, soon changed to Dumore Corporation, and continued to thrive, refining its motors and bringing together a team dedicated to building quality products and standing behind them. High-quality electric motors led to industrial tools.

Over 100 years later, the tradition continues …
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Dumore Motors


Dumore Motors custom DC motors and custom DC gear motorsLearn more at www.DumoreMotors.com

Dumore Motors designs and manufactures custom fractional horsepower DC motors, gear motors and custom electromechanical motor assemblies for OEMs worldwide.

Permanent magnet DC motors
Series wound universal motors

Right angle permanent magnet DC gear motors
Parallel shaft permanent magnet DC gear motors

Planetary permanent magnet DC gear motors

Dumore DC motors and gear motors are designed for complete, cost effective customization to meet your exact requirements, or work with our experienced engineering team on a “clean sheet” electric motor or gear motor design for a truly custom electric motor solution!

In addition to powering their equipment and systems with Dumore Motors electric motors and gear motors, OEMs partner with Dumore Motors for manufacture of their custom value-added electromechanical motor and gear motor assemblies, sub-assemblies and complete turnkey products, providing cost savings, time savings and additional competitive advantage.